Tips and Tricks for Safe Trick-or-treating This Halloween

Tips and Tricks for Safe Trick-or-treating This Halloween

How to Have a Fun, Safe, and Successful Halloween

Spooky season is here and there is so much fun to be had! The month of October is filled with fun decorations, costumes, candy, and excitement. The leaves begin to change color, fall is in the air, and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to get out your pumpkin-carving supplies, bake your favorite fall treats, and binge-watch your favorite frightening flicks as you prepare for a night of tricks and treats!
While there are a million things to love about Halloween, trick-or-treating certainly tops the cake. Below are our best tips for safe trick-or-treating.

Preparing Your Home for Halloween Safety

For those who enjoy staying home to hand out tricks and treats, there are some things to keep in mind:

Don’t Use Burning Candles

There is nothing like a glowing jack-o’-lantern to get you into the Halloween spirit! While illuminated pumpkins might give your yard a festive appearance, they can also pose a serious hazard. Lighting pumpkins with an open flame is extremely dangerous — in just 30 seconds, a small flame can become a major fire that ravages a home.
To mitigate the risk of a fire, consider utilizing LED lights, flameless candle tea lights, or even glow sticks this year in place of burning candles to display your pumpkins! Your jack-o’-lanterns will still shine bright for all to see, without the added risks.

Clear the Path

Halloween is much spookier in the dark, but having your home or porch too dark might lead treaters to think you aren’t handing out candy. Keep the route leading to your entrance well-lit and clutter-free to prevent any sliding or falling. Additionally, make sure to look for any sidewalk bumps or cracks that can be dangerous for trick-or-treaters.

Try Not to be Too Spooky

Halloween truly is the scariest night of the year! And many of us enjoy decking out our houses and yards with the eeriest decorations. However, most trick-or-treaters are small children who want to be treated rather than tricked. Keep frightening decorations to a minimum to avoid scaring away costumed visitors.

Keep Pets Away From the Door

Though sometimes overlooked, opening and shutting your door all night might increase the likelihood of your furry pals escaping. While your pets are not dangerous to you, you never know if your trick-or-treaters are scared of cats or dogs. Keeping your pets in a secure room or distinct area of your home is the safest option for everyone.

Pass Out Candy at the End of Your Driveway

To avoid having to prepare your home at all, handing out candy from the end of your driveway might be the most ideal. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about someone tripping and falling on their way to your front door. Also, you won’t have to bother with your doorbell ringing all night — it’s a win-win situation! 
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Preparing Your Treaters for Halloween Safety

Are you going trick-or-treating with your children this year? Follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and fun-filled night.

Use the Buddy System

The first rule for safe trick-or-treating is to never go alone. This is an excellent guideline to follow in any setting, but it is especially important on Halloween. If you aren’t taking your children trick-or-treating this year, make sure they are escorted by a trustworthy adult or friend. After all, trick-or-treating isn’t much fun if you’re alone!

Be Street Smart

This one’s simple, and hopefully a tip that you already practice. On busy nights like Halloween, it’s important to make sure to cross the street at stop lights and crosswalks and always use the sidewalk.
You need to be especially careful if you’re driving. With so many people out and about trick-or-treating, drivers have a lot of bodies to look out for. The best course of action would be to stay on the main road and avoid any dark and eerie detours.

Keep Things Bright

In addition to ensuring that your child is wearing a safe costume, it is critical that they can see and be seen. When choosing costumes, opt for the ones with the boldest colors. Cars will be able to see your children (and you) much easier than if they were wearing neutral colors that blend in with the Halloween scenery. Another clever safety suggestion is to provide flashlights or glow sticks to your children so that they can see at all times.

Stay Local

When planning your route this year, try to stick to your neighborhood area. Staying in close proximity to your home ensures ​​that you’re likely to know (or know of) the folks whose doors you’ll be knocking on. Additionally, you must make sure your children know never to enter any home. If candy isn’t being handed out at the front door or outside of the home, simply move on to the next house. 

Check the Treats

The final tip to ensure safe trick-or-treating this Halloween is to check the treats! At the end of the night when your child’s pumpkin pail is full of candy, take a minute to inspect their sweet treats before allowing them to indulge. Make sure that nothing is opened or unsealed and check for any candy that your child may be allergic to. 

Stay Safe This Halloween Season

Halloween is always a hit in the Carolinas, and everyone should get to enjoy it. To ensure a memorable and safe trick-or-treating experience for your child, be sure to follow the advice we’ve listed above. For more things to do this fall season, take a look at our neighborhood spotlights to see all the fun things that communities in the Carolinas have to offer! 
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