The Importance of Curb Appeal

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Understanding the “Appeal” of Curb Appeal

They say it’s all about what’s on the inside that matters, right? True, but when it comes to selling your home, your curb appeal can make or break buyers’ decisions. Homes with an exterior that doesn’t look well taken care of likely will not get as many potential buyers as homes with good curb appeal. After all, curb appeal is what gives buyers a first impression of a property before they even step inside, so you’ll want to make sure it’s a good impression! 

Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook this important step in preparing your home for sale. Continue reading to learn what curb appeal is and why it’s a necessary step to prepare your home for the market. 

What is Curb Appeal? 

The curb appeal of a home refers to the general appearance of the exterior of a property to a prospective buyer. Curb appeal allows potential buyers, or just anyone walking past your house, a sneak peek at the quality of the home that could be inside. 

The more attractive the exterior of your home, the more curb appeal it has. However, the exterior of the home goes past just the architecture — things like landscaping, paint colors, porch decor, door frames, mailboxes, and so much more can affect your home’s curb appeal. Some easy ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal are:
  • Plant fresh greenery and flowers 
  • Mow the grass, rake leaves, and pull weeds
  • Paint your front door
  • Replace outdoor light fixtures
  • Get a more stylish mailbox
  • Power wash your driveway, porch, and walkway

5 Reasons Why Curb Appeal is Important

Now that you know what curb appeal is, let’s discuss why it’s an important factor when you’re trying to sell your home. 

1. Your Yard Gives Buyers a First Impression

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing buyers will notice when they arrive at your home, so you must make it as appealing as possible. That first impression is critically important, as it instantly sets the tone for the rest of the show. If buyers are not impressed by your home’s outside appearance, it will likely affect how they view the rest of your property.

A first impression is everything, and you only get one chance to make it a great one. Putting in the extra effort to make your home’s exterior stand out positively can raise your property value and attract quality buyers to your home. 

2. It Reflects What the Inside of the Home Will Look Like

The state of a home’s exterior is likely to match the interior. Meaning if the outside of your home looks disheveled, and not properly maintained, buyers will automatically assume that the interior is in the same condition and could potentially overlook your home because of it. If there is overflowing garbage, outgrown grass and weeds, or chipped or faded paint visible from the outside, buyers will automatically think about the maintenance that might be needed on the inside of the home. 

3. It Will Help You Stand Out from the Competition 

Having great curb appeal can help you stand out from other homes on the market. Bland curb appeal can cause a home to be forgettable to potential buyers. However, if your home has luscious green grass, colorful landscaping, and well-put-together decor, you’re ensuring that your home stands out amongst other listed houses in your area. 

Prospective buyers don’t even have to physically be at your home to have an opinion on your curb appeal. Listing pictures of your home posted online can attract or turn away potential buyers from viewing your home. After all, 99 percent of homebuyers between the ages of 23 and 56 used the Internet to find homes during their buying process. 

Thankfully, your real estate agent can help you make sure your curb appeal is captured beautifully and that your home stands out in all the right ways.

4. Good Curb Appeal Will Increase the Perceived Value of Your Home

As we mentioned before, the state of your home’s exterior is likely to match the interior. So, if your home has great curb appeal, potential buyers will assume the inside is just as well maintained and appealing as the outside — which will increase their perceived value of your home and help you get a higher return on your investment. However, if you have bad curb appeal, potential buyers will assume the inside of the home needs TLC like the outside, and think that it is worth less than it is. 

5. Bad Curb Appeal Can Instantly Turn Away Buyers

There are plenty of buyers who won’t even step foot in a home if they’re unimpressed by the exterior. Bad curb appeal can turn away buyers and make them no longer consider your home a good option for their family. Additionally, buyers will compare your home’s curb appeal to others around it. So, if your home’s exterior doesn’t stand out positively when compared to homes around you, buyers may become uninterested before they even see the inside. 

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There are numerous benefits of hiring a REALTOR® when selling your home. Our trusted real estate agents here at The Redbud Group will make sure your curb appeal is as attractive as possible when it comes time to put it on the market. Additionally, our agents can offer you suggestions that will increase your home’s curb appeal based on their own experience of what attracts buyers in your specific market — ensuring that your home is sold promptly.
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